What Spirit?

 Club Monaco top (last seen here), Jacob skirt (last seen here), unknown heels, Le Chateau bangle & g21 sunnies

Look everyone!  It’s my St. Patrick’s Day outfit…  Yeah, turns out, I’m not so good with the whole you-have-to-wear-this-certain-colour-on-this-certain-day-of-the-year.  I was rockin’ a green belt with this outfit which I promptly removed upon arriving at work (that sounds familiar).  Then I was badgered with the, ‘Where’s your green, Amanda?’ all day long (mainly by people not wearing green, might I add).

I got these shoes during my trip to Florida and they are so fab (yes, tooting my own shoe horn right now, so?).  They are super high, snug on the foot and they stay put when I’m running around work.  The only problem?  They kill my feet.  Like so badly I told my sister I wanted to chop my feet off that day (her response?  ‘Um, or you could just take them off…’  okay, smart-ass).  They dig in mad right where my toes meet my foot (aka the toe cleavage area) so badly that when I removed them (and this was constantly throughout the day, while sitting at my desk, rest assured) I had a massive indentation of a line running across the tops of my toes.  So sad.  So painful.  What a disappointment.  Fortunately I only spent $16 on them (I love that Ross store, I tell ya) but it’s sad to know I’ll likely always choose a different shoe before them.  Le sigh.


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