I Could Be Your Treble…

Dynamite jacket (last seen here), Joe Fresh top, American Apparel dress (last seen here), Sirens leggings, xxx booties (last seen here), Club Monaco scarf, Suzy necklace, H&M bangle & Gucci shades

Happy Friday my friends!  It’s finally here, the weekend – breathe easy.

I finally sat down at my sewing machine last night and … sewed.  Yes, I actually focused.  And guess what?  I’m about to cross of #5 off my April resolutions list (whoomp there it is).  No. Big. Deal.  And don’t fret my friends, I will be sharing the wealth, and by that I mean taking some photos and showing you… I’m keeping them for myself though, sorry (I’m not that wealthy).  

Secondly, I went for that test drive I was telling you guys about.  It was awesome; the car is sick and really fun to drive.  However, the V6 is just more power than I need… okay, that’s not true, it’s the high gas prices and gas guzzling consumption I’m worried about.  Engine power?  Pshhh.  Gas prices?  Eeek.  So, I’ve decided the four cynlinder is a better option, but am taking my time to ensure everything is right.  I haven’t ruled out other options but won’t be making a decision right away.  Car shopping to me is scary and exciting, all at once.  Anyone else out there shopping for a new (or used) car?

 I could be your treble, baby, you could be my bass. 


It’s getting bigger.  The bass is getting bigger.

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