Responding to You



Often times I get comments or questions from you lovely readers in the comment section of my blog, which I love, but am always puzzled by how to respond.  I don’t like responding in the comment section because personally I don’t go back to other people’s blogs to see if they responded to me there, and typically try to respond on their blogs.  However, there are some of you who either don’t have blogs or post anonymously. and then I can’t communicate with you.  However, I’d love to open up this post for some random questions that I can answer in a seperate post.  

For instance, someone anonymously asked me how I stay ‘so slim and beautiful’ when I eat so much ‘fried calamari’.  I’m super flattered (thank you) and I don’t eat that much calamari.  I do love treats, I love to indulge and I love to eat what I want, when I want, but I do work hard to stay healthy.  Perfect body?  Not by a long shot, but I watch what I eat (for instance, if I’ve been eating too many treats, I’ll go back to eating clean and cut out treats for a couple days – which believe me, is difficult!), I do work out (even though I’m often dragging my butt to the gym with mad resistance) and always try to get extra steps in by taking the stairs, parking far away, etc.  Every little bit helps.


So, I’m all ears, let’s hear it, ask away.



You can always:

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* send me an email (psst, it’s on the sidebar)

PS – If no one asks anything, this is going to be suuuper awkward.  I’ll be like that one kid waiting for her friends to show up and everyone played a mean trick.  Um.  Humour me? 


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