The Older Woman

 Dynamite blazer (last seen here) & dress, Guess slingbacks (last seen here), Suzy belt, necklace & ring

My grandparents invited me to a special soiree a couple weekends ago.  I took advantage and dressed up in a new dress and heels.  Funny story: a middle aged woman comes up to me in the washroom and compliments me, she then tells me that when I walked past her table earlier, her sixteen-year-old son‘s jaw dropped, which was followed by his 18 year old girlfriend smacking his arm.  Nice to know I’m attractive to a teenager and I’m not ‘old’ (because I totally thought being a decade older than him would be, you know, ‘old’).  I had a good laugh and proceeded to receive a few evil eyes from said girlfriend.  Isn’t love grand?

My mom & I were taking a shot and my Grammy jumped in at the last second (so cute)


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