August Resolutions Recap

 Gap top, Mexx skirt, Anne Michelle heels (last seen here), Joe Fresh belt,

Suzy necklace, Bay ring, F21 & Mexican bangle & BCBG beaded bracelet

Goodness*!  It’s the last day of August; hard to believe. This month my resolutions didn’t sit too well with me, and by ‘sit well’ I mean I barely followed them.  It’s as if I forgot I’d made them… funny how that happens.  Onto the list!

1.  I have spent many-a-time lake-side this summer, which I’m super grateful of.  It’s so nice to get away on weekends in good company.

2.  I used Instagram a lot more than before (twice counts, right?)

3.  I didn’t go thrifting once.

4.  Resolutions #3’s outcome didn’t help me save money this month… I just shopped at regular retail stores instead.  (oops?)

5.  I didn’t just run 1km without stopping, I ran 2km.  Woot.  Woot.

6.  I wore sunscreen on the tops of my hands once.  I blame the non-sunny days.

* I’ve been using the term, ‘Goodness’ in regular everyday life.  It’s strange.  Where does one pick up this sweet, but slightly senior-citizen-like term?  I’m not sure.  Someone tells me something shocking, ‘Goodness!’ I say.  I burn the dinner, insert-the-term-here.  I’m talking to a friend and they show me a new purchase, ‘Goodness.. that’s pretty’.  I forget to do something… you know the drill.  The word is really quite versatile.  Try it.  You might feel 70+ yrs. but maybe I’m starting a trend.  Just sayin’.


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