DIY Easy (Healthy) Omelet

Someone pretty great taught me how to make an omelet… in the microwave!  Perfect for a ‘gourmet’ breakfast at work (beats my bagel); it’s quick, it’s filling, it’s healthy but most important, it’s easy.

When my bestie asked me how I was making this omelet, I decided to snap some pictures of the process to share with her, then thought you lovely readers might like to see it too.  Will you make this tomorrow morning at work?

 1.  Grab your ingredients (& be creative).  I like broccoli (but substituted spinach & argula this time), grape tomatoes & cheese

2.  Crack an egg…

3.  …or four (but only one yolk; keepin’ it healthy)

4.  Whiskkkk

5.  Add your veggies…

6.  …and your chunks of cheese (I just rip the cheese apart) & stir it up

7.  Into the microwave for 2 minutes and 22 seconds (just because I like punching only one number, multiple times)

8.  And eat.


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