Look Alike

 La Classe Couture jacket (last seen here), Old Navy dress, Aldo boots, Suzy belt, Le Chateau pashmina,

Sirens necklace & Auslini bangle

The other day while at work, a same-floor coworker exclaimed to me,
‘You look just like my friend Laura!’ turning to her friend the,
‘Doesn’t she look just like Laura?’  We’d never spoken before, and so I
laughed and made a joke, ‘Well I hope that’s a.. good thing?’  Of course
it was, she exclaimed.  She now calls me Laura every time she sees me.

About a year ago another same-floor coworker, a man this time, noticed a
sparkly red (decorative) shoe I keep in my office atop a filing cabinet
(you know I love shoes).  He started calling me Dorothy (as in the
Wizard of Oz) and it kinda just stuck.  Over the months he’d call out to
me in passing, ‘Hey Dorothy!’ until one day I was in the (very large)
cafeteria at work in line at Tim Hortons.  I spotted him a couple people
ahead of me, and when he was leaving, he saw me and shouted out, ‘See
you later Dorothy!’  When my turn came to order, I approach the cashier,
ordered and then he said, ‘Do you prefer Dora or Dorothy?’  I laughed
and finally said, ‘Amanda’.  He looked confused, with purpose, and I
explained it was a long story.

Last summer while leaving work one day, one of the security guards
asked me if my mother still works here?  I must have looked puzzeled
because the other security guard chimmed in that it wasn’t me, but this
girl Laura that works here (hey, waitaminute…).  I guess
people were getting her mixed up with me too because we sort of know
each other and got to discussing it one day.  Now we laugh and tend to
amicably call each other, ‘Twin’ when we see one another (as in, ‘Hey
Twin, how are you?’).

Regardless of how laughable the experiences are above, I’m never
phased or insulted when someone says I look like someone they know, or
makes up a cute nickname for me.  Actually, in all honesty, I’m often
intriguied by the unknown person they are talking about.  Could I really
have a ‘twin’ in the city?  Have you ever been told you look like
someone?  What about a celebrity?  Apparently she is mine.

Just call me Laura Dorothy Laura.


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