Weekend Trip to MTL


All packed, ready to go.  I’m on my way to Montreal today to visit a girl friend and have a girls weekend.  The plan was for me to go with two other friends, but it didn’t pan out at the last second and so it’s just me and my MTL friend.  The plan is to shop till we drop, eat some delicious food, consume one too many glasses of wine at her place, and catch up.  It’s been forever since we’ve done it and will be my first time visiting her since she moved away a year and a half ago.  Not only am I looking forward to seeing her but during our shopping trip we will be hitting H&M, and as you might remember, we don’t have one of those in my city, and I’m so pumped.  I told her I need at least two hours in there and I should get my fix.  Have a great weekend!


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