Remember those Aldo boots I was coveting?  I am officially a proud owner (squeal!).  I ordered these boots online at the store* in lieu of an exchange.  My bestie bought me a funky pair of wooden wedge sandals for my birthday, but after some debate, I decided they were just too high (and still hadn’t worn them).  I held onto them for many months as with Aldo there is no deadline to do an exchange (I had a gift receipt) and wanted to wait for something I really, really wanted.  Insert these boots and it’s a match made in heaven.  I wasn’t super sure about the pointed toe on them when they arrived and I put them on, but after a couple wears, I love them (and they love the compliments they get).

* Something I love about Aldo is that when they don’t have your size in store, they can (usually) order it for you online and have it sent to either the store, or your home.  The best part?  The shipping is free (unlike when you order online yourself).  I tend to order most of my Aldo shoes online as I need the highest sizes (10 or 11) and they are always sold out in store.  And if they arrive in the mail and you don’t like them/they don’t fit?  No sweat, simply return them to the store and get a full refund.  Perfect online shopping.


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