Fall is officially  here and while I always am sad to see the summer go, I’m extra excited to break out of a warm-weather rut of sundresses and sandals and put my boots and leather jackets to good use. 

One day a few weeks ago, my sister and I were emailing back and forth (as we tend to do daily) and we got onto the topic of fall.  I asked her what her favourite things about fall were, and listed my off quite easily. (and it was kind of fun).  My list included simple yet sweet things such as:

* cool evenings

* wearing boots

* sitting by a fire

* cuddling

* spice foods

* pumpkin pie

* crockpot meals

* cozy knits / sweaters

How do you feel that fall is officially here? The only thing I dread about fall is what comes after it (many, many long months of bitter cold and lots of snow.  Le sigh).


Photos taken with iPhone.  Edited with Instagram.


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