MOH in Waiting


My girl friend just got engaged!  Guess who has been asked to be the (lucky) MOH?  Yours truly.  That’s riiiight.  Which means I’m going to have mega hands full as my sister has also asked me to be her MOH and the weddings are within a month of each other and happening next September and October.  Wowee!

A couple weeks ago we went wedding dress shopping for her, for the first time evah and it was awesome.  She’s already narrowed it down to two.  Or so we thought.  We are now going to be checking out more bridal shops tonight!  

I, of course, played photographer and ensured to get multiple pictures of her in every dress she tried on  and while I can’t show you those, I can show you the photo I snapped while waiting for her to emerge in the beautiful white dress.  Oh hello there, it is I, your local Maid of Honour, just hangin’ out in the dressing room waiting for the beautiful bride. 


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