Fending off a Sweet Tooth

 Cavalini jacket (last seen here), Merona cardigan, Mexx top (last seen here) & fur snood (last seen here), 

H&M pants, Glaze booties (last seen here) & Joe Fresh necklace

I have a major sweet tooth.  Ask me what my favourite dessert is and I’ll shout out, ‘Pie!’ in 1.6 seconds flat.  Offer me some chocolate?  Don’t waste time with words, hand it over.  Ice cream sundae?  I’m in.  I struggle constantly with my sweet tooth.  Seriously.  If it would be healthy (and I wouldn’t gain weight), I would probably eat desserts and treats 24/7, I just love sweets so much.  However, it doesn’t work like that (duh) and I have come up with a few ways to curb my cravings.

Chew gum

I chew gum for obvious reasons: fresh breath, taste, and of course, to stave off cravings (and prevent snacking).  The later doesn’t always work though, after the flavour is gone I’m searching for something tasty, and another piece of gum doesn’t usually cut it, but it helps, in the interim.

Brush your teeth.

I find this the most effective, however, I’ll sometimes resist from doing this because I know it will work (how silly is that?!).  Once you get that clean, minty taste and feeling in your mouth, cravings are often abolished.

Snack on something healthy.

If you are legitimately hungry, or need to snack, grab something healthy.  I like the combination of apples with cheese, Kashi cereal (GoLean Crunch is my fave). almonds, or (the semi-indulgent) a banana with Nutella.

Give in.

If you absolutely cannot get rid of your craving, give into it.  Have a small piece of chocolate, or that pie that is calling your from your kitchen.  Just do it.  And then tomorrow, don’t give in.  See what you just did there?  Give and take.  Err, take and give?


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