Dynamite Blazer (last seen here), Violet & Claire top, H&M pants, Guess heels,  
Suzy belt, Walmart watch, Tiffany bracelet & random bangle

Whoopsies!  I took these photos back in August (aka pre-grey hair) and never got around to posting them, and so, here we are.

So it’s Friday! Woohoo! Okay, not exactly true, but tomorrow is a holiday which makes this weekend a long weekend and who doesn’t love that? 

So lately I’ve been noticing some changes.  Body changes.  Dun dun dunnnn.  What’s up with that?  Is my age catching up with me?  On top of that, to make matters worse, I’m suddenly addicted to chocolate.  Okay wait.  That’s not true.  It’s not exactly ‘suddenly’, and the boat-load of on-sale Halloween candy I bought after Halloween doesn’t help, but… well, okay, scratch that point.  However, I’m having a tough time getting to the gym.  Ugh.  I’m still going like two or three (ambitious: four) times a week, but it’s a struggle to drag my ass there.  Unless it’s for my Monday night zumba class, then you know I be gettin’ my groove on.  So, I guess that’s just my body telling me it’s time to switch up my routine and so I did just that Wednesday night by hitting a Body Combat class.  It’s an MMA (mixed martial arts) class (at GoodLife) and it’s killer.  I did it a couple years ago a few times with a girlfriend, but hadn’t been since.  What. A. Workout.  By the end of the class I was drenched (got the visual?) and had a hard time lifting my arms up in the shower.  Success!  Hopefully I will be able to work this class into my weekly ‘routine’ once or (preferably if I can motivate myself) twice a week.  However, now that the weekend is here, it’s strictly sweets and no gym!  Hoorah! …er, wait, do you think that could my problem? 😉


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