A Step-by-Step Guide to Styling an Outfit


I am a later person.  Ask me to be there at 5pm, I’ll be there at 5:15pm, or worse, 5:30pm.  It cannot be helped, I’ve tried to be punctual but never seem to succeed.  Sometimes my family tells me the time to arrive is half an hour before everyone else… just so I’ll be on time.  Yes, they have resorted to tricks like that.

Sometimes my tardiness spills over into my work life.  I say sometimes lightly.  Fortunately, I have an amazing boss is who understanding and is cool with me being a few minutes late so long as I put in those few minutes at the end of the day (which I always do).  However, in an effort to be on time, I decided to style eight outfits one evening last week to make mornings a bit more efficient.  It helps, but I always tend to find something to do that results in me still being late.  Le sigh.

Here are my top tips on how to style an outfit:

1.  Start with the base.  For me that’s the bottoms (it used to be shoes, but I don’t like to plan my outfits around my shoes anymore if I can help it).  So pick a skirt, dress or pants.

2.  Pick a top.  A sweater, a button-down, a blouse, a tee, a tank… whatever!

3.  Pick your second top.  This is usually a layering piece like a cardigan, blazer or sweater.

4.  Lay your ‘outfit’ on the bed.  Now comes the fun part…

5.  Accessorize!  This includes belts, jewelery, hosiery and shoes.  

6.  Finally, the easiest step: bra & undies.

7.  Next, take a hanger and hang all items on it.  I like to fold my bottoms over the base of the hanger, hang the top over it, loop the hanger through my belt, along with my bra, undies and hosiery.  Grab a ziplock bag and put your jewelery in that, seal, poke a hole and hang it on the hanger.

8.  If you want to take it to the next level, pick out your jacket and cold weather accessories too, like gloves, a scarf/pashmina & a hat.


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