Artistic Effects (Powerpoint v10)

I have always used Microsoft Powerpoint to edit my photos so I was shocked to see the mad changes (and improvements) that have come along with the new version (10) I have been given.  There is a super cool function under the (Picture Tools) Format tab.  In there, they have something new called, ‘Artistic Effects’ where you can modify your photo 22 different ways. 

I, of course, took advantage of this and played around with various photos.  So fun!  Maybe I’m behind on this (I’ve been using my old version forever, and we all know how pricey Microsoft Office is) but it’s new to me and pretty exciting.

Mouse over the photos to see which effect I used on each one (they are all different and there are still so many more to choose from; my fave are the last two).  It’d be kind of cool to use one of these effects to print your own thank-you or greeting cards.


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