The Non-Purchase

Do you ever go shopping and find something you like but when you put it on it doesn’t exactly like you?  You stand in the fitting room, himming-&-hawing over said item, in hopes it will magically start looking better, be more flattering, and simply scream, ‘Take me home!’.  But alas such cries do not come, and you feel sort of, ‘I like it but I wish…’ (the sleeves were shorter, the stripes were a different colour, the cut wasn’t so… etc.).

I like to live by the, ‘If you don’t love it, leave it’ rule, yet I still get stuck sometimes.  Sometimes I just want to like something so bad, but the chemistry (like any good relationship) just isn’t there.

Such is so with the top above.  A boxy striped Cynthia Rowley top (from Winners, $19.99) that I wanted to like so badly, but when I put it on, it was a big, ‘I’m not sure’ (aka, I didn’t love it).  I tried it on frontwards (left) and backwards (right) in an attempt to convince myself it was super versatile and it was like having two shirts in one.  This still did not make me love it, and in the end, I left it.  Looking at the photos now, I kind of wished I’d bought it, but at the same time, I knew I’d feel that way and it probably would have sat in my closet for a while.

Do you go by the ‘love it or leave it’ rule?


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