Ankle Wrap Wedges

Hi Amanda,
Q:  Hi Amanda,

I love the simplicity of the J.Crew shoe! I’ve been following you’re blog for some time and just love following the latest and greatest!!

I love your Aldo Gersten wedges sooooo much but can’t find them anywhere because they are last season. Any ideas or something similar like it? I love the ankle wrap design!



A:  Hi Jen!


Thanks so much for your sweet comment.

Like you said, the Aldo Gersten’s are from a couple years ago, so they no longer carry them, however, I have found a couple similar options:

 Jessica Simpson   |   Liliana  |  AMI Clubwear   |   Diva Lounge

Bamboo   |   Rick Owens   |   Quipid  |   AMI Clubwear

PS – Aren’t those Rick Owen’s to die for?!  Ack!  What a price tag though.

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