The Barre Method

Outfit deets:

* Cantas tee (local boutique) that I’ve had for a few years

* F21 skirt that I also have in blue/black

* Sbicca wedges that I picked up in Florida last month

* Bijoux Terner necklace, F21 bangle & (faux) Rolex

So I picked up a Groupon for a Barre Method class pass and went for the first time on Monday night.  I am still sore.  Soo sore. 

I consider myself to be in pretty good shape; I try to get to the gym several times a week, I run frequently and can run a mile or more without stopping, I always take the stairs, I will park far away to get in more steps and sometimes go for power walks on my lunch hour.  I’m by no means the fittest, leanest girl, but I do like to try and be healthy.  I figured the Barre class would be tough, but was looking forward to it. Let me just start by saying, this class is no walk in the park.  

Using your own body resistance, small hand weights, a ballet bar, a resistance band and a small ball is all you need for this kick-ass, one hour class.  It’s a combination of small, controlled movements that don’t ever seem to end.  When you’re tired and ready to give up, the instructor pushes you to keep going for quite a bit longer and there are often no rest periods in between movements.  It’s killer, but such a good work out.  By the end of it, I was sweating buckets (highly attractive) and my legs were shaking so bad (anyone familiar with the knee-cap shakes?) I thought they were going to give out on me.  

My ribs feel bruised.  I can barely walk down the stairs.  I’m hurting, but it’s a good hurt!!  I highly encourage anyone to give one of these classes a try if you like to push yourself and try something new.  The class targets your core, thighs and butt, and hell-o, who doesn’t want to target those areas?

This is a (spray) tan tat.  The most permanent thing to a tattoo that I likely will ever have.  Tattoos kind of scare me, for me.  I enjoy them on others but would you believe I actually have nightmares about getting a tattoo and being so remorseful I turn to hysterics?  Weird.


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