Shopping in Florida: What I Didn’t Buy

While in Florida I did quite a bit of shopping, but surprised myself by sticking to a fairly good budget.  I think I spent about $200 which made me feel like I got a fair amount of new stuff, but I didn’t go overboard on the spending.  I took photos of many of the items I didn’t buy so I could share with you all here:


1.  I tried this dress on in two colours and it was just ‘meh’.  It was a little on the short side too, especially in the back (considering how covered up it is on top, this is something I would have wanted to wear to work but the shortness said otherwise).

2.  This is the first hi-low dress I’ve ever tried on and while it photographed well, I didn’t like it (it was one-sleeved as well).

3.  This dress was a beautiful print but I’m kind of cinching it in the back, which you can’t see; it was pretty paper-bag-ish on me. 

1.  Too nurse-ish and just awful all ’round.

2.  Billabong but too tight and not flattering.

1. & 2.  Calvin Klein and looking at these photos makes me regret not getting this dress, but at the same time, it just felt tight and restrictive.  I also opted for another turquoise dress instead.  In the end, my mom ended up purchasing this dress in red.

1.  I can’t remember the brand (AnnTaylor? Talbots? Not sure..) but this dress looks so pretty and flirty, but in real life, I couldn’t get it zipped up in the back.  Ha!

2.  Another case of cannot-zip-up.  This Jessica Simpson dress was girly and flirty but the fit was too small.

1.  This top if from Charlotte Russe and I loved the fit but didn’t love the colour combo.

2.  This was a no-name type brand dress with optional pick-ups (meh) that I thought would be pretty layered under my white blazer… but, the straps were elastic and it just felt… dated.

3.  Really pretty Calvin Klein dress but was too big and there were no smaller sizes.

Charlotte Russe:

1.  I loved this top from CR but it didn’t love me, it was a size XL and a large would have been a better option; sadly, this was the only on in the store.

TJ Maxx:

1.  Another Calvin Klein dress that was far too small… and kind of ugly.

2.  Max Studio dress with tiers: pretty and in a comfy jersey fabric (and look at that length!  Awesome for someone as tall as me) but was too big and was quite loose (although doesn’t really look that way, it was).

3.  I can’t remember the brand on this one, might have been Jessica Simpson but it was too tight, too short, too yuck.

1.  I was hoping this ivory lace mini dress would be like that F21 version everyone seems to have.  Nope.  No not at all.  Too big and the size down was too small.

2.  Pretty satin top with a key-hole in the front but just wasn’t feeling it.

1.  I liked this thin-knit sweater but it was a size xs and while it didn’t necessarily look it, it could have been flowy-er.  The shorts were cute but I already had a couple pairs of coloured denim shorts so I had to pick and choose.

2.  Wanted to love this peach sleeveless button down but hated it.  The pants were a different story and they stayed in my cart until the cash register, where I put them on hold and never went back.

3.  Same top as the first pic but a size small, which was better, but not good enough.  Same deal with the shorts: money doesn’t grow on trees.  Haha.

1.  Super billowy button down.  When I say billowy, I mean massiveToo massive.

2.  Yawn, this coral top was nothing special.

3.  I debated on this black top but c’mon, I have a couple like it already so I passed.  And side note: there are those damn blue pants again.  See how much I liked them?

1.  This was an O’Neill top and I loved the detail on he back, and I was going to buy it but then put it back.  I’m not a huge red-top-kind-of-person and going bra-less is not an option.

1.  I loved this pale pink tiered top but it didn’t love me… and it washed me out bad.

2.  Yet another Calvin Klein dress that was too small (see me stealthily holding the zipper in the back shut?).

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