How To: Prolong Your Spray Tan

I have been doing the spray tan thing for almost two years.  The biggest struggle is getting my tan to last longer.  Usually after three or four days, it starts to fade out and you’re in that weird in-between phase where you’re not ready to exfoliate it off already but would like a bit more colour.

The other day I remembered seeing something on tv saying how there is alcohol in shaving cream.  Alcohol of course is drying, and in turn doesn’t help prevent your tan from fading.

We all know that shaving removes a thin thin thin layer of skin, aka the spray-tanned layer.  So, while in the shower the next time, I decided to try something out:

Replace my shaving cream with body lotion instead.

And guess what?

My tan lasted two to three days longer on my legs (the part that seems to fade the fastest, other than my face, of course) than before!  Success!

Now, before you start thinking I used some special lotion or fancy-smanchey razor, I didn’t.  I used the Equate ‘Total Moisture’ lotion (above) that is sold at Walmart (found this one in Florida) and a regular Bic ‘Pastels’ two-blade razor.

Once in the shower, legs wet, I slathered the lotion on one leg (about a pump and a half), and shaved it and repeated with the other leg.  Bonus: extra soft and smooth skin!


Will you try out this tip?

* Don’t forget, the best way to prolong your spray tan is to moisturize on a daily basis, especially after you get out of the shower, which zaps a lot of moisture from your skin.  Water-based moisturizers are best.

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