What is Formspring?


Formspring is an online platform where you can ask me anything, anonymously.

Completely anonymously, and no, I cannot magically see who wrote what they did (but yes I will delete your question if it’s rude or mean).

Formspring is a great social media tool that I have been using for a while to answer questions you lovely readers might have.  I know other bloggers who have it and I have used it to ask them questions myself.  

The hardest part about connecting through my blog with you is that I’m not sure if you’ll come back and read a response comment with regards to your question, or sometimes certain people don’t have blogs so when I check your profile, there is nowhere for me to ‘respond’.  Twitter works but not everyone has twitter.  You don’t need to have Formspring to ask questions, which is the beauty.

So, ask away


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