The J.Crew Bubble Necklace

After weeks of silent anticipation, I finally received my J.Crew Bubble Necklace in the mail!  Dance of joy and hoots ‘n hollers arise!

I have been coveting this necklace from afar for many months only to be completely thwacked across the head when I looked up the price: one-hundred and seventy-four dollars

That can’t be right,’ I thought to myself.

And then, ‘But so many bloggers have this necklace…

…how can they afford this necklace? ….and in multiple colours?!

Well my friends, enter eBay.  A great tip shared to me by Mara and I was on my way to not one, but two J.Crew Bubble Necklaces.  I used seller Bisource who are based out of China.  The shipping took forever (about five weeks to Canada) but the customer service was great, speedy and they provided a tracking number, which was nice.  The only problem was trying to decide which colours to get!  I  might have to purchase one or two more (pink/peach and white perhaps?  Or maybe black…) in the future.

Happy shopping!


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