Does Your Partner Influence Your Fashion Choices?


Outfit deets:

* Jacob dress (thrifted) which you have seen once before with a pink cardigan (one of my favourite outfit posts, actually).

* Payless nude pumps (new!) that I picked up recently and absolutely love (and get a ton of compliments on).  They also have a rubber bottom so it makes walking in them super easy.  I want these next!

* eBay necklace that is no longer available but here is a similar metallic orange one and another one in turquoise (currently sold out but you can request to be notified when they re-stock it).

Dress to impress him… or yourself?

This is
something I’ve given quite a bit of thought to lately.  In my previously
relationship, I didn’t care what he thought, I wore what I liked and he
usually liked it too.  Now, I know there were certain things he wasn’t a
fan of (leggings) so I typically avoided those when we would be doing
something together (despite my love for them), but generally, I didn’t
really care.  My body, my style, my choice.

To this day that stays true.


Sometimes I know I’m wearing something kind of man repelling and certainly not for the guys (hello, it’s for me
and tha ladies
);  but at the same time, I don’t want to dress in
something someone I’m dating will find unattractive, either.

Has your style changed due to your relationship?

Who do you typically dress for (other than yourself)?  Women or men?


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