Hair Today, Gone… er… Saturday

 Outfit deets:

* American Eagle cardigan (new!), I saw this sweater about a month ago while shopping with the BFF but passed on it.  After giving it some though, I should have purchased it and made an impromptu decision to call them and see if, by chance, they still had it (it was already on sale a month ago) and they still had one in medium!  I rushed to the store and picked it up in purple as well for $14 each.  Score (plus another neon item to add to my collection).

* Winners top that I bought over a year ago and wear quite frequently.

* Jacob skirt (old) and seen in one of my first outfit photos with a big orange necklace from India and nude fishnets.

* Christian Louboutin wedges.

* Accessories: vintage necklace, Auslini bangle & Suzy ring.


I’m getting my hair done this Saturday.

Conversation with someone went something like this:

Someone: (looking at a picture of me) “Wow, you’re not really blonde anymore!”

Me: (looking at my roots, cinging)
“What?  Yes I am, I just need to get my hair done… and having my car impounded and ticketed recently has left me with lack of funds.”

Fast forward one day later & I have book an appointment for this weekend.

Okay then.

in reality, it really is time to get these roots touched up.  I always
wait till I’m at the I-can’t-stand-this-any-longer point, where even my
fresh, clean hair looks greasy due to mousey roots and/or I look as if I’m coppin’ a half-way-to-ombre look, when in reality, I’m not.

And I mean… it was February when I got it last done.  If that’s not getting your money’s worth, I don’t know what is.


Sorry for the lack of quality photos lately, my camera battery is dead and the charger is no where to be found.  I figure, better something than nothing, right?  Right?  Say right…


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