Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

 Freshly painted neon nails

 Friday night dinner

Saturday shopping with girl friends

Outfit deets:  Old Navy top, TJ Maxx shorts & Walmart shades

Saturday afternoon cocktail on a friend’s balcony


Peonies from my mom’s garden


Saturday night outfit

Outfit deets: Winners top, Urban Planet shorts, Bamboo flats & J.Crew necklace

Pre-stag dinner: cranberry-walnut-goat cheese salad with grilled chicken

Selling 50/50 tickets at my sister’s stag

We get money!  (…or I should say, we made money for the bride & groom)

 Maid of Honour & Bride-to-be!

 Sunday afternoon cocktails…

…sippin’ by the pool with the BFF

Home-made burgers on Sunday evening

Dinner for one

My weekend was biz-zay: Friday night I ran some errands after work and did some stag prep for the following day.  I ordered pizza, got the stuff done I needed to and was in bed by 10pm.  I was so exhausted from a super busy week and needed it.

Saturday was completely planned out and then at the last minute everything got turned upside down.  Instead of going to get my hair done, my colorist had to reschedule with me at the last minute.  I decided to take advantage and since I was meeting one girl friend, invited another along which led to an impromptu shopping trip to Joe Fresh (I returned an item I picked up in Wasaga beach, no, not the gold jeans) where I scored some sweet denim trousers and two colourful sports bras (more on that later).  Afterwards I ended up going back to a friend’s house to sit on the balcony with a cocktail.

Afterwards, it was home to get ready for my sisters and her fiance’s stag, which was being held at a pub that night.  One of her bridesmaids and myself organized and the other members of the wedding party were fantastic that night.  The wedding party arrived early to have dinner and discuss the plan, then it was on at 8pm.  We had a raffle (with amazing prizes: gift baskets, gift certificates for various restaurants, etc.), a 50/50, a card-flip game and an amazing game my Dad came up with that involved a big stump (an old hydro post, cut up) and nailing a nail into it with as few ‘whacks’ as possible.  It brought out all the macho men (and women!).  It was great!  The night went almost perfectly and we made the couple quite a bit of money (hoorah!) for their wedding.

Sunday I went out to breakfast with some friends, which was fun and then we lazed pool-side all afternoon.  It was wonderful and several friends and neighbours joined us, and being it was above 30 degrees, it was the perfect day for it.  That evening I went home and did laundry and made home made burgers.  A beautiful weekend all in all and looking forward to the next one.


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