Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

On Friday night there was a rib feast at a friend’s house, which was awesome.  

I brought cornbread from Montana’s.

I know I tweeted that I might make a video like last time, but it was much lower key and while I started filming,I didn’t end up finishing it, so, no video this time.

 On Saturday morning I showed my car (which is for sale) and then did some shopping.  That evening we celebrated my Grammy’s 85th birthday (which I have no photos to show for).

Outfit deets:  Smart Set cardigan, Stitches lace tank, Zara pants (new!), Spring hidden wedge boots & vintage necklace.

 Playing with this cutie (she’s not mine).

Sunday morning (habitual) breakfast.  

“New” shades.

 On Sunday afternoon, I went to look at a car I’m considering buying and the BFF always sends me the sweetest texts I had to take a screen shot (really hoping operation-buy-a-car works out this time!).

Afterwards, I did a little shopping for my next PDO vlog.

Outfit deets:  Dynamite sweater, Pepe jeans & Spring boots (I practically live in these on weekends). 


An amazing Sunday dinner: pulled pork sandwiches with home-made beans (which were soaked, slow cooked and more, plus there’s real bacon in them).

A sneak peak at my new shoes.

And in case you missed it, my most recent haul video.


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