A Birthday Poem from My Bestie

Happy birthday to my friend, the bestest one of all,

My partner in crime, my gym buddy and co-shopper at the mall.

We work together, play together and travel near and far,

We go out together, stay in together and park car beside car.

It’s your day, so celebrate and don’t forget the cake,

But wait, not cake, it’s pie you love, so eat it ‘til your tummy aches!

You turn twenty-nine today, but you’re looking young and hot,

You got the curves and you’re toned to boot, so shake what you have got!

This year that’s passed has been a blast with so many great times,

Some great pool parties, girl’s nights out and surpassing Calypso lines.

Off to Vegas for IHeartRadio and then Dominican for some sun,

Not to mention all the gym work and so many sweaty runs.

Being a part of your Vlogger win was such a big highlight too,

You had that thing in the bag, “you are winning” is what I told you.

Now 6 months later, and a dozen videos in, you are still a star,

You have to start somewhere, as they say, but I know you’re going far!

We have our inside jokes and talk in a language no one speaks,

We laugh at silly things and I know people think we’re geeks!

Now let’s celebrate your special day, thanks for being a great friend,

Happy 29th Birthday Amanda, this poem has now reached it’s end.



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