Recent Eats

I haven’t done a Recent Eats post in quite a while, but wanted to sort of ‘check in’ with what I’ve been putting in my body lately, and make sure I’m still on track, so to speak.  I like eating healthy, but I’m a huge sweets lover (which I try to keep in moderation… which sometimes doesn’t work out so well!).  I mainly try to eat healthy during the day, so I can have a sweet treat in the evenings after dinner. 

These pictures were taken over the course of the last month I guess, and I did not photograph absolutely everything (almost impossible), but did get the good and the bad to show you a balance. 

Lastly, I mainly drink water, tea and milk (and the odd alcoholic beverage).  I never drink soft drinks and only drink coffee once a week on the weekend (I like the coffee they serve at our usual breakfast spot!).  In the past month I’ve been cutting back on my milk intake (despite it being my favourite drink) to see if it makes any difference.

1.  Perogies with saautĂ©ed onions & low fat sour cream (with paprika).
2.  Coconut cream pie.
3.  Chicken caesar salad.
4.  Oats with blackberries & a bit of maple syrup + peppermint tea.
5.  Burger & tomato-veg soup at a restaurant + water.
6.  Home-made egg wrap (one egg + three egg whites and some cheese) + steeped tea.
7.  Sweet potato, arugula, black bean and cilantro salad.  Topped with some low fat sour cream.
8.  Indian food at a restaurant + water.
9.  Arugula, one egg + three egg whites & avocado salad.

10.  Breakfast out.
11.  Afternoon snacks at work.
12.  Tuna wrap on whole wheat with cucumber, cilantro & hot sauce.
13.  Tomato-basil rice cake, three hard boiled eggs (only eat one yolk) and 1/3 cucumber.
14.  Mixed greens, one egg + three egg whites & avocado salad.
15.  Greek yogurt with blueberries & cinnamon.
16.  Five Guys burger + water.
17.  Afternoon snack: Kashi Toasted 7-Grain granola bar + peppermint tea.
18.  Grilled cheese made in the oven with no butter on flax bread & low sodium black-bean soup.

19.  Thai food take-out (it was Friday night!).
20.  Oats with blueberries & a tblspn. maple syrup + peppermint tea.
21.  Home-made beef madras.
22.  Steeped tea with agave (+ milk).
23.  Breakfast out.
24.  Evening & afternoon snack: strawberries & bananas.
25.  Oats with blackberries, blueberries & a bit of maple syrup + peppermint tea (I have been eating this every morning for a couple months now, I just love it & it’s filling).
26.  Weekend breakfast: Fried egg sandwich on flax bread at home.
27.  Chicken and veg stir fry on quinoa.

28.  Coconut cocoa oatmeal bites (omg, these are amazing and relatively healthy considering you’re eating a sweet treat).

29.  Oats with blackberries & a bit of maple syrup + water.

30.  Scallops, shrimp & roasted red peppers on a spinach fettucini (my birthday dinner!).

31.  Gnocchi (so delicious but when this was put down in front of me at the restaurant, I almost blurted out, ‘Well, that looks fattening!‘  Um.  It was.  And it was heavenly).

32.  Morning and afternoon snacks at work.

33.  Spinach, feta, quinoa & egg (one egg + 2 egg whites) salad with a maple balsamic dressing.

34.  Left over beef madras but over quinoa this time & added baby carrots.

35.  Birthday “cake” (pecan pie).

36.  Oats with blueberries & a bit of maple syrup + peppermint tea.


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