Hello from Mexico!

Hey everyone!  I’m currently on vacation in the Mayan Rivera, Mexico with my boyfriend adn we are having a great time.  We arrived at midnight on Saturday night (our time, so it was actually 10pm Mexico time which enabled us to get a late-night dinner snack, which was good as we were so hungry) and have been soaking up the sun, drinking colourful drinks and just relaxing (or trying to relax; does anyone else have that difficulty of just ‘shutting down’?  I know it always takes me a few days).

Things will be a little slow around here this week, but I’ll be back to regular posting after Easter.  We do have free wi-fi here–what a treat!–but I don’t want to spend hours logged on, if ya know what I mean.  I will have a full recap when I get back, plus more on Toronto Fashion Week and more.

Keep up with me on Instagram (I’m @acoest1984) while I’m away; talk soon!


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