Do you want kids?

I have never been the sort of person that has the urge to have children.  I’ve never gotten that feeling of, ‘I can’t wait to have a baby!’ or the like.  You know some people just have it, and some don’t?  I don’t.

My sister is currently pregnant and she’s always been one of those women that wants to have children.  Since she was little I can remember her saying she wanted to be a young mom and to have kids.  I, however, was never sure if I wanted children…and still don’t.  Sort of.

As the years have passed and I’ve gotten older, I kind of thought that feeling would come, that I would get the urge or something, but despite being 29, there is still none of that. 

That said, you know what they say, typically one doesn’t regret having the baby even if they never had the urge, your life is forever changed and blessed and wonderful (in between those trying times with zero sleep and spit-up all over your not-so-clean clothes) and the couple ends up happy they went through with it.  I also think it would be somewhat of a lonely life, later down the line, when you’re older and all your friends have aging children and you are alone with your spouse for holidays and special times throughout the year.  Yes, you can always share that with other families, but your family will be just two (assuming you spend your life with someone).

All that said, I had a conversation with my mom the other day and she and my dad had been discussing whether or not they thought I would have kids.  My mom was unsure, but my dad said he did not think I would, and in turn I felt…insulted! (?)  I’m not sure why, but I felt like jumping up and being all, ‘Nooooo! I will have children!’  So funny considering how I’m distinctly perched up on that fence.

What about you; assuming you don’t have kids (or pre-children), do/did you want them?

(Photo of me & old friends’ baby, circa this time in 2006).


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