A Life Update: My Condo + Thoughts

Hey guys, just thought I was pop in and do a life update chat-type post where I just ramble a little.

It’s amazing how sometimes I have so much blog content swirling around in my head and in the background and other times I let a day or two pass before I post.  I hate not posting on Monday through Friday, but sometimes I just can’t come up with anything relevant or worth sharing.

So I just found out that the condo I purchased a year ago–see this video for how excited I was, and still am–has been pushed back, unfortunately.  I guess they have not sold enough units yet so instead of being ready in November 2014, it is now June 2015.  Ugh.  That is two more years that I really didn’t anticipate staying living where I’m living now. 

While I love my apartment and the location, it is lacking a few things, namely a dishwasher and in-unit laundry.  I can deal with having shoes scattered in all areas and that fact that half of my dining room is actually part closet, but I’m getting really sick of doing dishes by hand and lugging laundry down to the basement.  I know, I know, #firstworldproblems.

When I was condo hunting last Spring/Summer, I almost bought a condo without a dishwasher.  What a mistake that would have been.  I really hate doing dishes and since I’ve been doing them by hand for almost two years now, my patience is wearing thin.  I know this may seem trivial to some, and you may wonder how many dishes can one person make?  A lot.  That’s how many, a lot.  I cook at home all the time, and in turn produce tons of dishes, add that to lunch travel dishes and shaker cups and Magic Bullet canisters and lids… it’s a lot you guys.  It’s annoying.

So I’m in a transition period in my mind.  Do I pull out of the condo and look for something else?  I’m not even sure I can, I have to read my terms and conditions to be certain.  If I can, do I look for a condo that’s ready?  When I purchased my car five months ago, I was kind of on a two-year plan to pay it off before I moved to be more financial secure (which means I’m literally paying out the ass for it every month, but, I love it and it was a sacrafice I was willing to make).  That would change things if I moved and I would like to own something as I’ve been renting for almost two years and while it’s fine, am I going to continue to do so when I could be building equity instead with the means I have?  And on that note, perhaps I should just leave my deposit in the condo and sell it when it’s finally ready and hopefully make some money… but on the flip side, am unable to purchase anything else as my money is tied up.

All thoughts just swirling in my head right now and while I’m not quite ready to make a decision, or a move–literally–I’m thinking about it, the future and various other factors and things. 

That’s pretty much it for now; as always, thanks for reading


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