Do you expose your toes at work?

I have never given a second thought as to exposing my toes at work, despite knowing it used to be a faux pas. 

I personally think that it is completely acceptable now in a business casual environment.  What made me think twice about this was seeing a woman’s gross looking, unpolished toes in the bathroom stall next to me the other day.  Ick.

I think there is something to be said about feet that aren’t taken care of and in my personal opinion, those feet and toes should not be exposed.  Ain’t nobody got time–or the stomach–for that (at work).

Agree or disagree?  What are your thoughts?

All of the photos above are outfits and shoes I’ve worn to work.  I noticed recently that I actually own more toe-exposing shoes than not… This was of course noticed on a day where my feet were not up to par and I need to keep them hidden until I had time to give myself a pedi!

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