A Grocery Shop Post

I wanted to share with you guys some groceries I recently picked up.  Since my grocery runs generally look about the same with a substitute of certain fruits and veggies here and there, the basics are always kept on lock.

I love eating healthy and have trained my tastebuds to enjoy the flavours of certain things I know some people don’t like.  I’m a huge quinoa fan, prefer whole wheat breads (when I eat gluten), enjoy adding oatmeal in my morning shake, like the taste of unsweetened almond milk, etc.  I try to eat healthy 80% of the time and make healthy food choices.  I will always love pie, pastry, ginger snaps, chocolate & sweets, but try not to overindulge too much.

I typically do one larger grocery shop per week, but tend to hit the store a few times within the week to grab more unique foods that are required for a certain dish or meal I’m planning.  I always keep fruit, yoghurt, eggs and some sort of salad mix on hand.  I frequently eat salad for lunch during the week and usually add some form of protein–hard boiled eggs, chicken or tuna–if I can.  My favourite salads contain fruit–some sort of berry or pears–avocado and nuts (if I have them on hand, which I generally don’t).  Most often I make a mix of avocado, grape tomatos & spinach.

I always buy the largest container of eggs as if I don’t cook them, I will just hard boil all of them, stick ’em in a vase in the fridge for an easy snack or again to add to a salad in a pinch.

Back in March, when I switched over to a Gluten-free lifestyle–ish–I also swapped out my 2% milk for almond milk.  I was a milk fiend and would drink two or more large glasses per day and go through, what I would call, ‘withdrawls’ if I didn’t get my milk.  This would even result in headaches; I was serious about milk.  The calories and sugar in it though are pretty serious and I was likely consuming 300+ calories in milk alone.  Unsweetened almond milk has 30 calories/cup which is awesome.  I find it’s pretty thick too so a small glass is enough for me.  Additionally, I like to buy one regular–for cooking–and one vanilla flavoured for drinking.  Once the vanilla runs out, I will drink the original but prefer vanilla.

The Oikos Greek yogurt is a personal fave and they come in so many flavours now.  Since my last vacation in Mexico, I’ve become somewhat obsessed with all consumable things coconut, mainly, ice cream.  Unfortunately, coconut ice cream is very hard to come by so last week I tried throwing one of my personal sized coconut yogurts in the freezer and the next day?  Coconut frozen yogurt!  It actually tasted pretty good and is obviously much better for you.  I’d suggest taking it out an hour before you want to eat it as it gets quite frozen.

Hope this post was interesting and let me know what else you would like to see on A.Co est. 1984.


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