Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Friday night I organized a girls dinner for my best friend’s birthday.  She doesn’t like surprises so she knew it was happening but I couldn’t resist keeping a few of the guests a surprise, which in turn really shocked her.

Outfit deets:  Cynthia Rowley tee (seen here & here), Walter Baker skirt, Prabal Gurung for Target heels, H&M necklace & Auslini bangle.

See another pic of the outfit HERE.

I splurged on dinner and got the gnocchi in a rosé sauce with chicken and mushrooms.  The last time I had gnocchi was on my birthday.

I love these shoes but to be honest haven’t worn them a ton this summer.  They at the very least look pretty on display in my apartment.

Saturday morning I met up with my friend at Simply Biscotti.  We sipped on cappucinos and I was so impressed with the multitude of biscotti’s and dessert treats–and paninis, sandwiches, and more–to choose from (but was good and didn’t get any).

Saturday outfit.

Outfit deets:  Gap denim jacket (thrifted and DIY bleached), Walmart trapeze top, Wet seal crochet shorts, Spring gladiators & Urban Expressions bag.

Lululemon ‘Free to Be’ bra.

I love this because I plan to wear it to work out plus it will double as a bralette on weekends.  I was eyeing the white one as well but had to pick and choose.

On Saturday afternoon, I took my car out to my parent’s place and washed her.  It was a long process since it was so hot, sunny and breezy and the soap was drying on the car while I was trying to wash it–a big no no–but after two hours, she was done.  Feels so good to have a clean car.  I didn’t detail the inside but I did that about two months ago and I maintain it so it’s still clean inside.

Saturday night, outfit #1.

Outfit deets:  Dynamite blazer, (new & on sale!), Asos heels, H&M belt (worn backwards), Joe Fresh bangles & Ardene clutch.

Saturday night, outfit #2.

Outfit deets:  Zara low-back sweater (a fave), Limité shorts, Forever 21 heels & Aldo clutch (old).

So why am I wearing two outfits?  Here comes the diva story.  Marco picked me up for a date on Saturday night and I totally dressed up, trying to wear something less like what I normally wear–see above–which was a pretty dress with a defined waistline.  When we got to our destination–a hipster taco spot–I felt way overdressed.  I love this restaurant he was surprising me with, but felt really uncomfortable being so dressed up.  We put our name in for a table, which was about a 20 minute wait and he sweetly answered my pleads to take me home so I could change.  #ididthat  

I got home, ran in, threw together the above outfit, which was way more appropriate and I felt way more like 1) myself and 2) comfortable and we headed back to the restaurant.  We got there just in time for our table to be ready and had an amazing evening.

Amazing tacos (beef, pork, lamb x3 & ox tongue).

A sweet dessert surprise: gelato.  I got two scoops, Mister Nico–a peanut butter, chocolate combo–and Skor.

Sunday morning.

Outfit deets:  Dynamite sweater, DIY denim cut-offs (from last year), Spring gladiators & Aldo clutch/cross-body.

Brunch at the Arrow & Loon.

Sunday afternoon I dragged myself to the gym, which was a good thing as I hadn’t been in a week–what is happening to me!?  I had a great workout and obviously felt much better afterwards.

“You never regret going to the gym” (it’s just getting there that sucks).

I grabbed groceries on my way home and made a delicious strawberry-spinach salad with chicken, avocado & goat cheese for dinner.

The Sunday night tradition is always Dexter and I love to indulge in Ginger Snaps & a peppermint tea.  This time though I poured myself a small cup of the snaps to avoid eating the whole bag!


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