A Sweatshirt for Day or Night

Today I’m showing you a super simple Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project with my new Northern Reflections sweater.

Yes, I just said Northern Reflections.  To be honest, I haven’t gone in that store in ages, since I was a kid and my mom dragged me out shopping for herself.  Northern Reflections always made me think of Grandma-like clothing with trees painted on the walls and wolves printed on the fronts of sweaters.  Boy have things changed.

While Northern Reflections is still geared towards a slightly more mature crowd, they are definitely re-branding themselves to appeal to a younger market.  That said, I was stoked when I circled around the store and found this perfectly faded pink sweatshirt (which also comes in white, blue and grey).  After trying it on, I concluded an x-small would be a good place to start but the snug, restrictive neckline had to go.

Since crew neck and boatneck sweatshirts–plain and logo’ed–are an up-and-coming trend (especially for Fall), I thought this would be the perfect occasion to share this.

Keep reading to see how I changed up this sweatshirt and how I styled it two different ways; for day and for night.

Easy as pie.  From there, pull on the neckline to stretch it out and you’re all set.

Pull the neckline off your shoulder and pair it with some hi-top sneaks and an edgy cross-body bag for day…

…or, throw on some booties and a statement necklace and you’re ready for a night on the town:

Tell me, which way would you wear it!?


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