Mid-Point Update: Shortening My Wedge Boots (sort of)

Sort of?

I excitedly picked up my three-year-old-only-worn-twice Aldo boots from the shoe repair last night and I know I promised you all a blog post, but, this is not the final one.

Basically what happened, I picked up the boots and while I hoped there would be even less platform than there is, I was really, really pleased with the results.  Alex from Bells Corners Shoe Repair did an amazing job and I was so excited to just be able to wear these beautiful boots, finally.  I took them home and wore them around my apartment while doing stuff and realized the left foot felt less stable than the right (pictured above).  Then I realized that while the heels matched in height, the platforms did not and the left foot’s platform was about half an inch taller.

The right foot felt so good, stable and comfortable while I could feel the difference in my left foot.  I thought perhaps I could just get by it, but over the hour I decided that no, I would have to bring them back and get it fixed as it would always bother me.

So, I’ve taken them back to the shop and they are going to get them to match and even shave off more so that there is barely a platform remaining at all–which is perfect!  I will have to wait until next week to get these back but wanted to share some sort of an update with you.  I did take some real photos of the boots before hand and will take some pictures when I get them back on Monday to share.  This process is so exciting, I can’t believe I never looked into this before; I didn’t know this existed and I’m going to get a ton of wear out of these boots now.  Hoorah!

Additionally, I took in these boots as I totally forgot about them and rediscovered them in my closet last night!  I have worn them twice–purchased within a month of the ones above, three years ago–and put them away because they were unstable and far too high.  I’ve decided to get them lowered as well so I’ll have some pictures to share of those next week too!

UPDATE | September 29

The final BEFORE & AFTER pictures of the job

UPDATE | September 15th

I created a video explaining the situation and showing a few more pictures.


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