Just wanted to pop in and say hi since I haven’t posted today and I hate that.  To be honest, I feel like I’m in a bit of a blogging rut.  I don’t have anything to talk about and my ideas have run dry.  It’s not true but I haven’t taken as many photos as I normally do and those are important to me, content-wise.  So, I’m sharing two photos from this week, the top one I posted on Instagram last night of what I was wearing and this bottom one–whoa! That’s a close-up!-which I never posted but took earlier this week and was too shy to share.

So this week has been a great week, thus far and the weekend is quickly approaching, which is always a great thing…unless you’re going through a difficult time, then I know how daunting weekends can be.  I’ve been there, through really difficult times where I could barely get out of bed let alone force a smile.  I dreaded the weekends and was so relieved when Monday morning came around and I could be back in my routine, despite feeling like I was barely holding it together.  If you’re in a similar situation, I understand, I have been there, and I promise it will get better.  It’s hard to say how long it will take, but I liked to try and remember that, ‘One day longer, one day stronger’ and I’m sending you a BIG HUG, where ever you are.

And, in other news, tonight is the night I go pick up my boots I’m having altered at the shoe repair!  I vlogged about it last week, and he said they would be ready today.  I took a bunch of (nice/good quality pictures, ie. not with my iPhone) photos of the boots before I dropped them off so will be able to show you the before and after!  I’m a little nervous, chopping off two inches of a wedge heel is kind of a big deal, but I’m optimisitc they will look great–and I will be able to wear them without coming in at 6’5.

Additionally, I’m going to do some shopping tonight with a girl friend in search of a dress for her to wear to an upcoming wedding, so that will be fun and am definitely looking forward to that.  Tomorrow will be birthday celebrations with a group of girls for a friend’s birthday and I’m uber excited for Saturday as I’m taking a photography class to learn how to work the DSLR camera I’m using!  Bring on the weekend, I’m ready for ya.

Hope you’re having a good day, and to those who aren’t, do something that makes you happy tonight, if you can.  Last night I painted my nails and while this is something I do on the regular, I don’t enjoy it, however, I’m really enjoying the results of it today; a small thing putting a smile on my face.


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