Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Friday at work I wore my new necklace my sister and brother-in-law gave me for my birthday–you might recognize this as I wear the silver one a ton and wanted the gold so badly (also fits nicely with my ongoing love for chunky, short necklaces).

Outfit deets: Urban Planet sweater (see how I styled it for a date), Walmart long sleeved tee, Laguna denim & Joe Fresh necklace.

I recently re-discovered a small, fabric baggie of earrings from when I was a kit.  This gold star is one of them and fits really nicely–and nostalgically–into my current #acoearswag

On Friday night, I realized I needed some me-time so I partook in a little retail therapy…

I was in search of a few, chiffon-style tanks (for layering), which I found (more details to come in my next blogger video) at Dynamite and Urban Planet.  I also picked up a loopy sweater with an exposed zipper detail.

I was hoping to find more at Zara, but was pleased they had last year’s strappy sandal in my size for only $20.  I had debated purchasing them last year, but went for the less expensive, suede version instead–which I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth.

On Saturday morning I went to the gym solo.  It was a beautiful, sunny day.

Outfit deets: TNA jacket (old), Adidas leggings, Walmart rain boots & Lululemon gym bag.

I spent all afternoon and evening on Saturday packing with a girl friend.  We packed for hours and she was great at keeping me on track and helping me purge.  At this time I’m at a total of eight garbage bags for the thrift store and six for consignment, plus four boxes of shoes total.  I’m on a purging mission and so far it’s going well.

Sunday morning I hit the gym and snapped this shot beforehand.

I wore my new boots that I picked up on Friday.  I promised with the last pair of boots I bought (which by the way aren’t warm, at all), that I would throw out all the old ones.  That said, I just couldn’t rid myself of my favourite pair by Rampage but they are seriously embarrassingly salt-ruined and look terrible.  

When I arrived at the mall on Friday, I looked down and felt ashamed of my old boots–they looked ugly.  I popped into Spring (again) and they had these ones for $32, in my size only.  I put them on, paid and wore them the rest of the night.  The old boots are in my trunk–I’m seriously having attachment issues! See me wearing them HERE–but I’m planning to toss them.  Does anyone else have a hard time getting rid of stuff, even when it’s clearly time to toss it?

Gym sesh–we did arms and I don’t even recognize myself in this photo–who’s arm is that!?  Seriously, it doesn’t look that in real life, but at the same time, I’m pretty proud of the muscle I have developed.

Speaking of muscle, how about this indulgent breakfast post-workout?  Haha.

After breakfast we went by the new spot with some fabric samples for our new couch.  We have a colour in mind, but they have everything but that, it seems.  We really wanted a medium grey, and went back and forth between all the grey options but have finally decided on…

…the light grey on the right.  We might do throw pillows in the dark grey, plus an accent colour (maybe citron green?).  We will finalize those details this coming weekend, but unfortunately will have to wait up to four months while the couch is made (wahhhh; still exciting though!).

We also finalized the order for our new bed which is being delivered this coming weekend.  I’m so excited about this one too, it’s a platform, king bed and I’ve already purchased a set of linens.  Will share photos once it’s delivered–we still need to find a mattress, eep!

A Panera Bread just opened in Ottawa so I begged and pleaded Marco to try it, despite the fact he had his heart set on Dirienzo’s.  He finally gave in and it was pretty good.  I was hoping for a grilled panini so when my turkey/bacon/apple sandwich came out fresh, I was a little disappointed (maybe I should read better) but the French onion soup was quite good (as was Marco’s grilled chipotle chicken).

Big news you guys: they have started digging for my condo!  I’ll be sharing more news on this later this week.

After a super productive afternoon, we brought several boxes from my place over to the new spot.  I hung a few things in the closet and Lysol’ed all the drawers, light switches and handles in preparation for our move.

Marco grabbed take-out for us, Siam Bistro–a fave around here–and this was officially the last meal I could fully taste before getting full on sick.


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