A Look Back at May

May has come and gone and it was the first month we finally felt settled in our new place.  After two months of living in boxes and trying to figure out how to amalgamate two places into one, it’s finally feeling organized.

Marco’s parent’s came down at the beginning of the month and we spent the day in Chinatown.  I filmed a video for Clearly Contacts about why I became a #StyleAmbassador and how to pick the perfect frames.  We finished my closet – office room (I’m sharing photos this week of how it looks now!) and I grew my  nails out again (which have since all been bitten off–wah wah).  

I shared a sneak peek of our bedroom (which has a ways to go before it’s done) but we did get some new pillows that fit the new bed, so that’s pretty nice.  I wore a new palm printed coat, got flowers from a friend and created a new way to store and display my shoes.  

I played a tennis a bunch of times–and have improved a little but might need actual lessons–was sent some really nice flowers and shared my Spring Trends video.  We went to Taco Fest in Ottawa, I shared my new favourite jeans, I purchased some really cool new wedges & kicked my workouts into high gear by going almost daily for the last two weeks of the month.

As always, thanks for being here and reading along.  I love connecting with you, so with that, tell me your favourite May memory in the comments below.


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