My Skincare Routine

There must be something in the air because after taking these photos, pre-Vegas trip, I’ve spotted beauty posts on three of my favourite blogs–all with much prettier photos that these incorporating flowers, clutches and chic looking rugs.  Enter my very basic photos and very basic products–but hey, they get the job done!

I’ve never been huge into make-up and only recently started using a night cream.  I have, however, worn an SPF daily on my face and neck for the past seven years.  It’s not fancy, just the simple Equate brand from Walmart but I love it because it’s dissolves quickly and doesn’t leave a thick nor greasy residue. 

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Irish Spring soap | I know some of you may cringe at this, but I use plain ol’ bar soap to wash my face.  I have dry, non-sensitive skin so I’ve been pretty lucky getting away with this.  I will even use an unscented liquid soap if I have to but Irish Spring is my favourite for a squeaky clean.

Blisex Lip Conditioner | After brushing my teeth I always apply this lip balm.  I have been using this stuff since High School and I love keeping it on hand for summertime (or vacations) too since it has an SPF.

St. Ives Apricot Scrub | I like to exfoliate my face about once a week and I use this simple gritty formula from St. Ives.  The apricot smell is okay and it feels like a deep clean.

Yves Rocher Exceptional Youth Night Cream | This is a new find for me and after one month of using, I’m in love.  I have actually finished the jar and need to purchase another.  I have tried Yves Rocher products before, but haven’t loved something as much as this.  I apply it at night before bed and have seen visible improvement in my skin; reduced fine lines but the biggest thing is the glow it has given my skin.  So much so that it ‘shines’ through my BB cream.


Yves Rocher Exception Youth Eye Contour | The sister product to the night cream is this Eye Contour which I’m loving.  I love the pointed pen-like dispenser and the liquidy formula.  It goes on smooth and has a really nice scent.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream | For day and summertime, I’m still loving my tried-and-true.  I go between light to light-medium (and when I was spray tanning I would use the medium) and find this offers just enough coverage to even out my skin, give me a bit of colour without the full-face coverage and heaviness of foundation.  I like that it doesn’t crease and you can still see my freckles through it.

L’Oreal True Match concealer | This is my favourite for hiding dark circles and covering blemishes.  I like to blend it in with a Beauty Blender but since I’m in need of a new one, I’ve been using a damp basic make-up sponge.

Equate SPF 15 | This is the sunscreen I mentioned above, a favourite for almost a decade.  When I travel and forget to pack a face cream, I will even use this to moisturize at night if I have to.  It’s a great liquidy formula that soaks in quick and is no fuss.


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