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Hello!  Sorry for the radio silence the past couple days, I’ve been adjusting to the time change (which is hardly anything, at three hours, but still), getting back into the swing of work and trying to just get organized since returning from Vegas. 

I know some of you follow me on Instagram (thanks!) but not everyone has it and I like when others do Instagram recaps on their blogs, and since I did it for Punta Cana, thought I would share my Instagram snaps from my trip to Las Vegas last week.

Warning, this post is super photo heavy, hence why I’m putting it all after the jump.  If you’d like to see a condense version of this, they are in the hashtag album #acoinvegas on Instagram.

So here we go!

Upon arrival, despite it only being 11am, I was able to check in right away.  I stayed at the Aria Hotel which is across the strip from Planet Hollywood and really quite fantastic. 

I was given a tip by a friend to ask if they would offer a complimentary upgrade to a higher floor level / better view of the strip and it worked!  They initially were going to give me the 7th floor (of 54) and bumped me up to the 52nd (hello amazing!) free of charge.

I grabbed some food after dropping my bags, explored the hotel a bit then crashed for a solid six hours (not going to the bed the night before due to a 6am flight will do that to you).  When I got up, just after the dinner hour, I went downstairs and hit the buffet for an amazing dinner.  Then back to bed to sleep off the remainder of the jet lag.

I ended up getting up bright and early on Monday morning and hit the gym at the hotel.  It was surprisingly busy but quite nice.  There was an abundance of cardio machines–which I never touched–and a sizeable weight area. 

 A lot of people ask me why I work out on vacation but I kind of enjoy it.  My rationale is this: on vacation you technically have all day every day to do whatever you want.  I like to start my day with a workout because I find it sets a great tone for the day; you feel better as you get dressed, there is no rush to be anywhere and I feel a little less guilty about all the indulgence that come with holidays (margaritas & buffets anyone?). 

I could never be the person who gets up during the week and works out before work.  It’s either after work or bust, but on vacation, time is infinite (sort of) and especially if you’re sitting around in a bikini all day, that helps keep myself in check.


Outfit deets:  Urban Planet romper (new!) tucked into Bench shorts, Diba sandals & Target lace bralette.

After my workout and breakfast, I showered and got dressed.  I headed out to explore the strip, but mainly to shop.  I hit up Ross & Marshalls and .

 More photos after the jump…

I purchased this James Perse LBD () along with a few other goodies (see if you’d like).  If you are looking for this dress, the sizing runs 0 – 4, and mine is a size 2 and perfectly snug (I’m 5’11).

Back to the hotel room around 5pm to rest my super sore feet, blog and enjoy the beautiful view.

On Tuesday morning I hit the gym first thing before grabbing some breakfast.

I packed up some essentials: watch, GoPro, sunglasses, and headed out.

Outfit deets:  Urban Planet romper (new!), Only denim vest, Winners lace bralette, Diba sandals & Aldo cross body bag (the light pink studded clutch below).

It was over 100F degrees everyday so minimal clothing was mandatory.  This romper (the same cut as the one above, and still available in stores) doesn’t look that revealing but felt pretty risqué.  Had it not been for the navy yoga/biker shorts I had on underneath, I would have been flashing multiple tourists in the breeze outside!  The denim vest gave a bit of coverage, but I kept it cheeky with a bright blue lace bralette underneath.

On Tuesday night I went to dinner at Sage inside Aria, as recommended by a reader friend, which was amazing.  I love a good steak but went with the tortellini instead and was in heaven.  I usually order wine with dinner but decided to live on the edge and get a fancy schmancy cocktail–this one had tequila and went down so easily!

This is (new!) and you can see a full body picture of it here on my Instagram feed.

The view from the room was simply stunning during the day and at night.  I couldn’t get enough and went a bit snap happy, but who cares, that’s what vacation is all about.

A post gym snap, in the hotel room.

Okay, this was my favourite meal all trip: the buffet at Aria.  I went there for breakfast three or four times and once for dinner.  I love breakfast food and tried to keep it healthy with roasted turkey, cottage cheese, egg whites, and fruit but once I discovered the multi-grain croissants, it was over for me.  I totally indulged in those, and the amazing Muesli they made each day.  Not the worst, obviously, but not the best either.  It’s safe to say every time I left the buffet, you could have rolled me out.

Outfit deets:  H&M top, Winners bralette & Sirens origami skort.

A quick snap before heading out to explore.

One day I walked and walked and walked till I could walk no more.  I explored a few of the hotels and casinos, did some window shopping and took photos.  This is a photo of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel in Vegas.

You ladies know I’ve been coveting these Iro shoes for months, even longer so the ones in black leather.  On this day I had walked so much and didn’t buy a thing during my adventures.  On my way back to the Aria, I walked through the Cosmopolitan hotel, just as I was about to leave the small mall inside, there was a store on the left hand side.  I saw some shoes in the window, so of course went to admire them when I saw ‘s staring at me from a shelf in behind! 

Despite the fact that my feet were about to fall off and I was so tired, I went inside to see about my size and they had it! I tried them on, and loved them, but my heart was still set on –also, I figure these would get dirty quick and be less versatile come Fall.  My Iro Manela wedges are already getting a bit dirty and I haven’t had them long–the suede and light colour do not do many favours to using them, despite looking beautiful.  Additionally, I made a mini promise to myself last Fall to purchase less nude shoes, and more black shoes (I’m naturally drawn to nude shoes, it cannot be helped!).  And lastly, these were not on sale in store, whereas they are online, so I walked away (with comfort knowing they fit so I could order them online…).  Eep!

I wore my new Paige denim and Zara top out to dinner on this night.  It felt so good being in pants instead of the tight dress the night before.  While I felt pretty good in the dress, and purchased it exclusively for the trip, dresses tend to run quite short on me, and while that’s technically not a problem in Vegas, adjusting your clothes all night isn’t so fun.

See full body pic of .

Outfit deets:  Only denim vest, Sirens dress, Diba sandals & Ardene cross body bag.

The next day I went to the buffet again and set out to wander around.  This photo was snapped inside the Aria hotel.

On this day I decided to take the bus way north on the strip, kind of as a self-guided tour.  I ended up in what felt like a somewhat seedy part of town so I got off the bus, walked across the street and got back on a bus heading back to the hotel.  It was neat to see construction and various hotels I hadn’t seen past the Wynn and Encore / Fashion Show Mall.  It wasn’t the most adventurous thing to do, but it was a form of inexpensive sightseeing.

Later that evening I had dinner on the patio at the Todd English pub, which is attached to the hotel.  Since I was early–before 6pm–they were having happy hour which meant half priced beer.  Although dining alone isn’t my preference, this kept me quite content while I people watched.

Outfit deets:  BCBC Max Azria top, Paige denim & Zara heels.

I never ended up wearing this outfit but had to snap a shot of the all white errthang I had planned to go out in.  Sometimes all that walking just gets the best of you.

I hit up the South Premium Outlets one night and scored these awesome Nike Free kicks (3.0, v5) that I had been eyeing!  What luck they had the exact ones I wanted in my size.

After eating out for every meal for almost a week–and over-doing it almost every time–I was craving some normalcy and vegetables.  I was exhausted, in no mood to walk to find food, yet didn’t want to spend $30 on a room service salad.  There was a Starbucks in the hotel so I went down and took a chance.  Brilliantly they had this amazing chicken-corn-black-bean-quinoa salad and I splurged by adding a green iced tea lemonade.

Outfit deets:  Dynamite dress, Liliana wedges & American Eagle clutch.

The last night in Vegas I threw on this new dress, a pair of heels and headed back to Javier’s, the Mexican restaurant in Aria.  The margaritas are delicious, the food is so good–I kept ordering the soft tacos–and the salsa might be the best I’ve had. 

Friday was spent riding the NYNY roller coaster, checking out the North Premium outlet and getting on a plane at 11pm to fly overnight home.

Vegas, it was a slice, see you next time.


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