Printed Slouchy Pants

Outfit deets: 

* Coupe top.

* Smart Set pants (new!).

* Iro Saika heels which you’ve seen with overalls.

* Accessories: Auslini bangle & Gucci shades.

I was seriously uncertain about the slouchy / soft pant trend and couldn’t see myself wearing them after a couple failed attempts with the shorts version.  Well, never say never because apparently you just have to find the right pair!  Even as I slipped these on this morning, I was unsure but within minutes of walking into work I was sold; pajama-like pants that are business-ready?  Yes, yes and yes.

I did find these stretched out a bit during the day so if I can offer a bit of advice, pair these with a hi-low hemline so you can hike up the back of the pants to keep them looking fitted, and tuck the front of your shirt in.  On top of that, if these don’t flatter your behind, the longer top will hide that.  I could also see myself pairing these with a more fitted top and a blazer.

Photos by Serena Rivard via my iPhone.


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