Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

On Friday I got a little surprise in the mail:  new glasses from Clearly Contacts.  I’m a Style Ambassador for the brand and I guess surprise glasses are a perk of the gig!  Cute.

Outfit deets:  F21 tank, Kyoden sports bra, 90 degree leggings & Nike Free 3.0 v5

Friday night I hit the gym with Marco but was terribly grumpy #keepinitreal.

See all my ‘in action’ workout photos in my Instagram album called #acowerkout

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I also took a Magic Eraser to my Chucks and was shocked at how awesome it worked.  New cleaning solution fo’shore.

For those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram, we got our new couch!  She’s huge and firm and ready for movie nights and cuddling.  See the living room before here.

Outfit deets:  90 degree tank, F21 sports bra, Ardene leggings & Nike Free 3.0 v5

Saturday morning sweat sesh.

Outfit deets:  Forever 21 dress (old), thrifted belt, Zara heels & Aldo clutch

Saturday evening we went to my girl friend’s wedding, which was gorgeous.  Marco played the guitar for the ceremony which was outdoors in the middle of a forest on a golf course and then we danced the night away after dinner.  Such a special and amazing day.

Also, I pulled this dress from my closet but had initially chosen a different dress.  After steaming it twice, then ironing it because steaming wasn’t cutting it, I finally dressed only to realize I was not feeling it.  We were already running late so I ran back in the closet, pulled this dress, threw it on and it worked!  I ripped it off, steamed it, threw it back on and we left–it was literally five minutes.  I don’t think I’ve ever gotten dressed so quickly (ha!).

Sunday morning we slept in and just lazed around.  I had a pounding headache (likely from the wine the night before!) so I made a pot of coffee and lazed around for a solid two hours.  Normally we get up fairly early–for a weekend–and quickly rush off to the gym to get it out of the way.  It was kind of nice to just take some time to relax, enjoy the view (and new couch) and just be.  

Outfit deets:  F21 tank, Lululemon sports bra, Walmart leggings & Nike Free 3.0 v5.

Two cups of coffee and an Advil later and my headache was gone so I rallied and hit the gym with Marco.

Then we went to Baker Street Cafe for breakfast and totally splurged by getting a regular egg breakfast and adding French toast (pancakes for him).  I seriously stuffed myself and it was unreal delicious.  I tend to prefer a salty breakfast over a sweet one but it’s nice to have both every now and again. 

After relaxing for a few hours at home–and letting all that breakfast digest–I finally rallied and did the whole hair and make-up thing to film my next Place d’Orleans video (Summer Trends!) which should be posted within the next week or so.

Outfit deets:  Joe Fresh dress (old) & Converse kicks

We grabbed Swiss Chalet for dinner–because we were being lazy and it helps to beat the Sunday night blues–and watched the Portugal-USA game.  I spent the rest of the evening editing my video and doing laundry.

Hope you had a great weekend and here’s to beautiful weather this week and long summer nights!


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