Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Outfit deets:  90 Degree by Reflex tank and pants & Lululemon sports bra.

On Friday night I hit the gym and went home to relax on the new couch with my fave beer.  Hello weekend!

I picked up a few things to make this snack-y plate since we were both not looking for a huge meal.  The dips are hummus and tzatziki, I had roasted turkey, genoa salami, cucumbers, walnuts, olives, grapes and white pita for Marco.  We spent the night just hanging out, and ended up watching Lone Solider later on (such a good movie, and based on a true story so a real tear jerker).

The next morning I…

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Outfit deets:  90 Degree by Reflex tank, Velocity sports bra & MPG leggings.

…hit the gym solo, since Marco went golfing, and did legs.

Afterwards, I quickly ran home to shower and headed out to meet Sarah for

…brunch at Milestones!  So delish and was a nice change from meeting on lunch hour and being rushed.  We sat on the patio and chatted for a couple hours while her babe slept for the most part.

Then we headed out to her place to spend the afternoon in the pool.

My bikini is a Dynamite top & Victoria’s Secret bottoms.  I believe Sarah’s suit is from Joe Fresh.

Outfit deets:  H&M top, Bench shorts, Aldo sandals, Deux Lux bag & Le Chateau bracelet.

I headed home around dinner time but stopped off at Winners to poke around.  I didn’t buy anything for myself but did score a cat bed for Eve, below.

Marco was super skeptical that I would be able to get Eve into her own bed to ultimately keep her off the furniture as the only cat bed he ever bought her, years ago, she peed on immediately and refused to go in it.  Since we have the new couch, I am adamant that we keep her off of it because the hair is just so hard to stay on top of.   We currently have tinfoil strips covering the couch to deter her but am hoping not for much longer (yes, it’s ghetto and yes it’s annoying).  

Back to the bed, here is how I transitioned her into it naturally.  Before I sold my old furniture this past week, Eve was always on it, so after giving it a major lint-roll and vacuum cleaning prior to listing it, I bought the little black blanket (with paw prints on it) you see above in her bed.  I put this blanket on the arm chair and put tinfoil on the rest of the furniture.  This gave her a place to go, and kept the fur off the furniture.

Once the couch and chair sold, I took a fluffy blanket and folded it into a thick square and put her paw print blanket on it.  We placed it in the same spot where the chair had been in the living room and she eventually starting lying there (within a day) in the spot.  Fast forward to this past weekend, by fluke I found this pet bed at Winners, so I scooped it up.  I love that it matches our couch and general decor, yet is plushy and large enough for her to have plenty of room.  She didn’t see me bring the bed in, and I quickly and quietly took her blanket, placed it in the bed and moved that to where the blanket-on-blanket make-shift bed had been.

Eventually she saw the bed but  kind of snubbed it at first, however, within a couple hours she realized her blanket was in there and went in to check it out.  I found her snoozing in it a few hours later.  Success!  The next plan is to move the bed to the other side of the room as right now it’s right in a walking path, but for now it is fine to slowly adjust her.  Change is hard for animals just as it can be for people so I’ve wanted to make this a slow and comfortable transition for her.

Saturday night we decided to order in and get Greek on Wheels.  I don’t think I’ve had this since I had my apartment so it was amazing and hit the spot (I didn’t eat the potato, but mainly because it tasted kind of off).

What do you do when you’re craving something salty and sweet and have little on hand?  Make-shift dessert on a spoon (haha); this is a scoop of natural peanut butter with some dark chocolate chips in it.  I had two of these and it hit the spot.

A couple new nail polishes; OPI, Mod About You & Essie, Spin the Bottle (a gift from Sarah).

Outfit deets:  90 Degree by Reflex tank and leggings & Converse low-tops.

Sunday morning on our way to the gym.

Breakfast at home–Marco kills it when making breakfast, his eggs are always perfect; I typically clean up afterwards.

I spent Sunday afternoon cleaning the condo, doing laundry and relaxing.  Around 7pm I went out to grab some groceries for the week and a few make-up essentials I was running low on.

I did a bit of workout clothing shopping last week (haul coming soon) and this is one of the tops I got.  

I love the Lululemon Burn It Out tank (which is sold out and older) and have been looking for something similar and I think this is it.  This one is by Head and a fraction of the price at $20 (from Marshalls).  I love the low back to show off the sports bra detail.

I’m wearing a Lululemon sports bra and the bright blue leggings (seen above on the couch–not sure why they went so dark in this photo) by 90 Degree by Reflex.

Sunday night we had chicken and ribs and it was unreal.  Marco slow cooked the ribs then BBQ’ed them.  I made a caprese salad but he had mashed potatoes.  The chicken was too much so I packed that for my lunch today.

I know some people were questioning how much Marco cooks but typically I cook during the week and he’ll make breakfast on the weekend.  That said, Marco is an amazing cook but since we’ve moved, he’s been really busy with work so his meals have taken a back seat to mine.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a great Monday.


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