A Look Back at June


Holy smokes, here comes July!  Doesn’t it seem like every month we all claim, ‘OMG, can you believe it’s (insert month here) already?!‘  It’s hard to believe the longest day of the year has come and gone but summer is just kicking off (thankfully, because we had one helluva long winter here in Ottawa!).


In June I shared the finished (ish) result of my closet – office room.  Marco did an amazing job building a beautiful space for me and I will film a video tour in the coming weeks (aka, as soon as I clean up all my clothes off the floor).


I kicked off the month with a week-long trip to Vegas where temperatures soared above 100F; I did a ton of walking, some shopping and plenty of eating.  I shared what I packed, a Vegas Photo Diary, and some snapshots via Instagram


When we got back, my Dad had generously spent two days polishing my car for me–something I did on my last car when I first bought it, which took me six hours straight.   He knew how much I was dreading doing it again, but I seriously owe him huge and am so thankful.


The following weekend Marco and I popped down to New York state for the day to do some shopping and pick up my new Iro shoes (ordered online in Vegas after trying on the sand suede version).  I also grabbed a few make-up items from Walmart and to recap am really loving that Neutrogena lip gloss (in #40 Gleam).


I shared my pretty-basic skincare routine, rocked some full length overalls and attended the wedding of a good friend (where Marco played the bride down the aisle with his guitar!).  We got our new couch that we had been waiting four months for, I sold my old furniture, worked out almost every day and tried out the slouchy pant trend (spoiler: I’m converted!).



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