A Look Back at July


So July has come and gone and we are heading into August, which I love because we are still in warm, sunny, summer months but Fall fashion starts making an appearance in stores and not that I want to wish away this weather, but I’m a big Autumn fan.


In July I celebrated Canada Day, filmed several videos (Summer Trends 2014, Katy Perry Concert Recap, a Canada Vlog, fashion haul with a few higher-end purchases, a date night with Marco Vlog, the Bruno Mars Concert recap & What’s in My Purse), and tried my hand at making chia seed pudding.


I kept up with my workout schedule, ate at El Camino, Pure Gelato & Tennessy Willems.  I spent weekend time with a friend on a patio (and shopping!), played tennis with my guy and shared one of my favourite outfit posts.


I showed you our ‘finished’ living room (is it ever really finished?), went to the Katy Perry concert, and bought some new Supra kicks.  Sarah sent me flowers when I was not feeling well, Marco and I went to Kingston for the day (and brought Peanut with us) and saw Bruno Mars in concert.



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