Mini Week Recap


This week has been busy–my own doing–with something happening every night.  I don’t usually jam pack my schedule, but this week just ended up that way and now I have a weekend with very little plans planned and that’s quite alright with me.


On Monday and Wednesday I met up with a friend and we worked out.


I painted my nails with which is a milky pink that’s really pretty but, it’s similar to an opaque white where, once it starts to chip, it looks really bad, really fast.


More photos after the jump…


On Tuesday I got my hair highlighted after getting to the point of, ‘I can’t stand these roots any longer’… and then waiting another two weeks.  It was raining so I just had her quickly blow dry it and off I went to meet up with Marco for Vietnamese food.


Yves Rocher sent over some goodies from their new make-up line which I can’t wait to try out.  Bonus, the packaging is super pretty on the eye shadow palettes and mascara (rose gold, ooh).


A generous coworker baked up this amazing blueberry coffee cake and it was delicious.


On Thursday I went to Winners and brought home two winter jackets with the intention to return one.  The top one is which I loved and ended up finding in my size (six).  The bottom is a beautiful but they only had small (wearing) and large (medium would have been perfect).  I modeled them both for Marco and he agreed they were nice, but not amazing so, sadly, they both went back.


After my workout Wednesday, I headed out to a friends place for a dinner and they made fish tacos (amazing!) and we had apple crumble pie for dessert.


Marco has been on a hat-buying rampage the past couple weeks after discovering a sweet MLB Groupon.  He ended up buying a few (and now there are over 10 hats scattered around the condo) and we finally found one in my size so we could totally get our match on (I really wanted NY, but this is a good one too).


A friend tipped me off to these wicked she found at Winners for $70.  I went and snatched up the one size 10 they had.


And last night Sarah and I celebrated her birthday with dinner at Town. 



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