Ramen at Ginza


Last week, Marco took me out for my first Ramen experience.  We went to Ginza in Chinatown for a casual meal to round out the long weekend.


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The restaurant is small with long tables and wooden single benches.  You can smell the food when you walk in but the pine also is very effervescent of a chic little cottage.


We started off with the deep fried squid which Marco devoured on his own.  Normally I love squid and calamari but this one was a little too dense for my liking.  They bring it out with a wasabi paste and display it on a beautiful plate.


Then we got down to the business of Ramen.  We both ordered Spciy Tonkotsu Ramen, but I asked for half spice with mine and boy am I glad I did.  When it came, I thought our bowls had been mixed up, the spice level was quite up there.  After a few slurps though, I adjusted and tucked in.


The flavor is really hard to describe if you’ve never had it before.  It’s completely different than Pho–obviously–with a meaty aroma from the broth.  Inside they throw in a soft boiled egg, shitake mushrooms, pork, green onions and more.  I would definitely try it again, but perhaps go for the chicken broth bowl instead.


Verdict:  I’m not sure if Ramen is my cup of tea, but I’d try it again.  You guys know I’m a huge Vietnamese food lover (Pho included) so this was definitely a different experience for my tastebuds.  Ultimately, it’s inexpensive and filling and if you’re open to trying new things, definitely a must.



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