Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps | Fiddler Lake Resort

Last weekend was one for the books for sure.  We left work early on Friday and 15 of us drove up to Fiddler Lake in Quebec where we rented one of the many cottages (Le Harfang) for Marco’s friend’s birthday.  I think I speak for all 15 when I say we were all pleasantly shocked at how beautiful the cottage was, but more on that later.

We left mid afternoon on Friday, in separate cars, and drove through the beautiful Quebec countryside.  It was just under two hours to get there and it was a perfect day for it.

When we arrived, the writing on the wall was clear was the plan was for the whole weekend.

Many more photos after the jump…


The entire cottage was sweet; five bedrooms, a massive sunroom, two ensuites and two regular bathrooms, a finished basement with a pool table, a hot tub sunk into the massive deck, a screened-in sunroom with comfy lounge chairs and more.  The only thing missing was a waterfront but we walked down to the water on Saturday to discover we weren’t missing much as it was kind of swampy and at the edge of a forest (no loss there… back to the hot tub!).

We happily chatted, cracked some beer and showed ourselves around upon arrival.  People arrived in car loads and more beer was cracked.  Marco and I had done a huge Costco shop the night before for the meals (which everyone pitched in for) and we made an awesome sausage tortellini for dinner on the first night (with the help of many helping hands; Jack on the bbq! Crystal on the pasta! Sharon on setting the table! Someone else made the salad, Krista and Olha cleaned up later, we team-worked on the garlic bread, and it felt like every five minutes someone was coming by asking if they could help in any way possible).

Dancing whilst cooking is always encouraged.

Waking up the next morning was awesome–the sun was shining, it was warm and we got down to the business of breakfast.  This sounds funny but it felt awesome making coffee and seeing the look of happiness on our friend’s faces when they stumbled into the kitchen to caffeine after a super late night.

Marco whipped up some amazing breakfast potatoes from scratch, fluffy scrambled eggs and bacon.  I was on toast duty and again friends were constantly helping cook, prep, clear the table off, and just there to help.  

One of the girls, Alicia, brought the most brilliant Caesar station to accompany brunch.  She thought of everything: olives, pickled beans, turkey pepperettes #keepinithealthy, vodka, baby pickles and more.  Such a cool idea that was a huge hit with everyone (it’s noon somewhere, right?!).

After breakfast we walked down to the water, like I mentioned, however, a guy driving by picked up like eight of us halfway down the road and gave us a ride in the back of truck!  What a fun memory.

The rest of the afternoon was spent next door at the neighbouring cottage with a Bachelor party of 15 guys playing drinking games and splashing about in the pool, and then back to our place where some people lazed in the hot tub, some played pool, and so on.

Much later we pulled together an awesome dinner with the helping hands of everyone.

Marco BBQ’ed the chicken and we had kale, Ceasar, garden and potato salads, along with yellow rice and dinner rolls.  

The rest of the night is a bit of a blur; bon fire, hot tub, Cards Against Humanity, cookies, and lots and lots of laughter.

We had to ‘check out’ by 11am and we all scurried around cleaning and packing up, tired and happy and made our way home where I spent the afternoon napping and catching up on some of my favourite YouTube channels–after a big dose of caffeine, of course.  

As always, thanks for reading! xo


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