A Big Bear Hug


A few weeks ago I had a really bad day. 

Like, really bad. 

One that ensued multiple sessions of tears and I just felt emotionally drained.  I briefly touched on it in a blog post and someone scoffed commenting something along the lines of, ‘Yeah, like your life is so stressful’.

I wanted to talk about this today because like anyone else, I have heartache, emotional ups and downs and while things might look just rosy here, it’s not like that all day, err day.

So yes, I had a horrible day, and I cried and it sucked.  I vented to my friends, to Marco and had to ride the wave until I decided to push it out of my mind for the next couple days and try to enjoy that weekend.

I’m sharing this because while I try to keep it pretty positive here, there are definitely days where I wake up and kind of just want to stay in bed.  I’m not going to post misery and negative rants on here because that’s not what you come here for, and that’s not really me.  I want to share enjoyable experiences, a cool shopping find I’m loving or mini success moments in hopes it inspires someone.  I love hearing that you enjoy coming here and hanging out–I know for me, reading blogs is a big happiness part of my day, every day.

All that aside, I want you to know that you are important, and good, and special and we all experience pain and sorrow in our lives, and you are not alone.  I have been so low before it felt I would never feel happy again.  I have had a hard time picking myself up, getting dressed, and just leaving my apartment.  A hard time talking to someone, anyone, without crying.  Being so low I could barely crack a smile.

The best part?  It was temporary, all pain is.  So, if you’re having bad day, a bad week, a bad month, or maybe it feels like this just isn’t your year, I’m sending you a BIG HUG through the Internet.  A big, freaking bear hug.  You don’t have to smile today, maybe not tomorrow, but know that your smile will soon return, naturally and this too, shall pass.

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